I’m a research scientist at the University of Washington in Seattle.

I work in both the Roberts Lab and in the Friedman Lab in the Fishery Sciences department.

Putting this blog together was motivated by the rapid and drastic increase in the quantity of computing that has become necessary in the two labs due to our increasing usage of high-throughput sequencing for physiological characterization of non-model species (e.g. Pacific and Olympia oysters, abalone, etc.).

As neither lab has a bioinformatician, we’re all learning (and teaching) as we go.  I started this blog primarily as a means to catalogue the various tips, tricks and tools that I’m using and learning so that I have a semi-organized means of being able to find them again in the future.

My computer:

Samsung New Series 9 (NP900X4C-A03US)
Intel® Core™ i7-3517U CPU @ 1.90GHz × 4
64bit Ubuntu 13.10
64bit Windows 7 Professional



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