Updating IPython (again)

IPython 2.0 has just been released, so I figured I’d go ahead and update it.

I’ve already had one post dedicated to updating IPython, but that was complicated due to the discrepancy between the version available in the Ubuntu Software Center and the version available in the pip repository. After some struggles, I figured out how to install pip (since pip is not installed with Ubuntu by default) and use pip to download and install the full IPython package:

$sudo pip install ipython[all]

To use pip to update a previously installed package (in my case, IPython), I just typed the following in to Terminal:

$sudo pip install --upgrade ipython

And, it quickly downloaded IPython 2.0 and uninstalled the previous version of IPython (1.2.1). Easy!

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Well, I guess I spoke too soon! Trying to run IPython:

$ipython notebook

I get this error message:

ImportError: The IPython Notebook requires tornado >= 3.1.0, but you have 2.4.1

Great! I have absolutely no idea what “tornado” is, nor am I totally certain how to update it.


$sudo apt-get tornado

and got this: “E: Invalid operation tornado

For some reason, I decided to try the IPython update command I used above, but add “[all]” to the end of the command like was necessary for the initial installation.

$sudo pip install --upgrade ipython[all]

Guess what! It friggin’ worked! The very first thing that popped up on screen was info regarding updating “tornado”! Can’t believe I got burned by the “[all]” command again when dealing with installing IPython! But, it doesn’t seem logical to me that if you’re updating an existing version of IPython that it wouldn’t update all existing components/dependencies of IPython that are already installed on the system.

Whatever. It’s updated and it’s running!

6 thoughts on “Updating IPython (again)

    • Now that you point that out, it seems rather obvious to try that. I didn’t even think to try using pip to install/upgrade other packages!

  1. In installing the ipython notebook i am facing the error as u like but it didn,t solve by updating all and also by $sudo pip install –upgrade tornado..
    Can sort out my error…

  2. Are you trying to install IPython for the very first time, or are you trying to upgrade an existing install?

    If the former, do you have pip installed on your system?

    Finally, are you working on a Linux platform or another operating system?

  3. You missed *install* in sudo apt-get install tornado. This still doesn’t work, because the package doesn’t exist, but by searching with apt-cache search tornado you can find out that there is a package python-tornado in the repositories.
    So sudo apt-get install python-tornado does what you want.

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