Why Try Linux?

The labs I’m in have, by necessity, started to require a fairly heavy use of bioinformatics tools.  Despite a many of these tools being freely available and having nice user interfaces wholesale mlb jerseys (see Free Bioinformatics Tools), some basic file manipulation is still lacking.  Additionally, many of these tools have different file formatting requirements, for which there is no intermediate tool to make the conversion.  And, to make Dual things even more confusing (and painful), is that some tools are 0-based and others are 1-basedwholesale nba jerseys Finally, many of the files we work with are so large that they cannot be opened and manipulated with any standard spreadsheet program.

It turns out that one of the Knee best means for manipulating large datasets for file formatting conversions is the good, wholesale nfl jerseys old. tried-and-true command line.  Which most of us in the lab try to avoid like the plague.  Alas, we can avoid the command line no longer, and trying to For perform many of the actions I need/want to (like sed, awk and Python) are not natively built in to Windows, but they are in Linux!

Sure, I tried using Cygwin as a means to utilize Linux-like commands, but, as almost everyone in lab uses Macintosh computers (which, have almost all the same native command line programs cheap nfl jerseys as Linux), it on became too difficult to try to share with each other because I couldn’t Post just copy their commands and vice versa, due to file/directory path structures differing in Cygwin and Macs.

Since I am not in the market to buy a Macintosh, Linux is the next best thing (as far as I could tell) to allow me to utilize and learn command line.

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